Survey: How relevant is your project to provide inputs to standardization in the field of nanomaterials ?

If you are a member of the consortium of the NANODEVICE project, you are invited to take part in this survey and provide information about the impact of your results on standardization.

The objective of the survey is to identify project results able to contribute on similar topics and then build clusters for further standardization activities.

The survey is organized in two parts. First, you are invited to define the relevance of your results for a series of topics where standardization is expected (these topics are derived from the Mandate M/461). Then, in a more informative way, you are invited to describe the standardization activities that you plan or have already initiated.

The results of the survey will be used to develop the PUDF (plan for use and dissemination of the foreground). Therefore, you are kindly asked to provide your inputs by March 15, 2013.